European Conference on Complex Systems - Dresden October 1-5
Showcase of European Complexity Science Projects (CRP Forum),
October 6

Oral Contributions


Long Papers

Short Papers

Keynote Speakers:

Science, Technology, and Applications of Swarm Robotics
Hybrid Systems of Brain Tissue and Microelectronics
The Origin of Rhythmic Behavior in Regulated Biological Systems
Complexitiy in Human Activity: Conflicts, Currencies and Crimes
The Complexity of Computation
Structure and Function in Complex Networks
Principle of Systems Biology illustrated using the Virtual Heart
The Evolution of Cooperation: Simple Games and Complex Societies
The Mathematics of Emergence and Flocking


Invited Speakers:

Social Dynamics in Cyberspace
Analysis and Modelling of Social Networks
Toshiyuki Nakagaki
Optimization in an amoeboid System
Biological Principles of Swarm Intelligence
Dynamics of memory representations of morphed objects
Distributive Adaptive Control: A real-world cognitive architecture applied to robots, spaces and avatares
A systems perspective of influenza virus replication in cell cultures


Long Papers (40 min):

Paper #28
Cristiano Antonelli The Foundations of the Economics of Innovation: From the Classical Legacies to the Economics of Complexity 01
Paper #34
Pierpaolo Andriani, Bill McKelvey On the Relevance of Extremes vs. Means in Organization Science 02
Paper #72
Kunihiko Kaneko, Chikara Furusawa Consistency Principle in Biological Dynamical Systems 03
Paper #106
Tim Evans, Edmund Hunt, Carl Knappett, Ray Rivers Modelling Cultural Dynamics: A Macroscopic Approach To Cultural Transmission In The Prehistoric Aegean 04
Paper #113
Dwight Read Cultural Evolution: A Radical Change in What Constitutes Evolution 05
Paper #143
A. Jamakovic S. Uhlig On the relationships between topological metrics in real-world networks 06
Paper #151
David Sumpter, Jerome Buhl, Dora Biro, Iain Couzin Information transfer in moving animal groups 07
Paper #165
Roberto Serra, Marco Villani, Chiara Damiani, Alex Graudenzi, Annamaria Colacci, Stuart Alan Kauffman Interacting Random Boolean Networks 08
Paper #180
Marco Villani, Luca Ansaloni, Davide Bagatti, David Lane, Roberto Serra Novelties and Structural Changes in a Dynamical Model of Innovation Processes 09
Paper #182
Vinay Aggarwal, Anja Feldmann ISP-aided Biased Query Search for P2P systems in a Testlab 10
Paper #189
Vittoria Colizza, Alain Barrat, Marc Barthelemy, Alessandro Vespignani Epidemic predictions and predictability in complex realities 11
Paper #190
Erik Volz SIR epidemics in populations with heterogeneous contact rates 12
Paper #223
Ana Barat, Heather J. Ruskin, Martin Crane Multi-Agent Models for Protein Release from PLGA Spheres 13
Paper #239
Douglas Samuelson, Matthew Parker, Austin Zimmerman, Loren Miller, Stephen Guerin,
Joshua Thorp, Owen Densmore
Agent-Based Simulations of Mass Egress Following an IED Attack 14
Paper #242
David Chavalarias, Jean-Philippe Cointet Science mapping with asymmetric co-occurrence analysis: methodology and case study on the complex systems community 15
Paper #248
Luis Bettencourt, Jose Lobo, Geoffrey West Why are large cities faster? Universal scaling laws and
self-similarity in urban organization and dynamics
Paper #264
Peter Dittrich, Lars Winter A Toy Model of the Political System 17
Paper #276
Eckehard Olbrich, Nils Bertschinger, Nihat Ay, Jürgen Jost How should complexity scale with system size? 18
Paper #281
Hans-Ulrich Stark, Claudio J. Tessone, Frank Schweitzer Slower is faster: Reduction of consensus times through social
inertia in the Voter Model
Paper #291
Anirban Banerjee, Jurgen Jost Spectral plot properties: Towards a qualitative classification of
Paper #293
Nihat Ay, Nils Bertschinger, Ralf Der, Frank Güttler, Eckehard Olbrich Predictive information and explorative behavior of autonomous robots 21
Paper #295
David Wolpert Predicting the outcome of a game 22
Paper #297
Peter Wagner, Kai Nagel Comparing traffic flow models with different number of ''phases'' 23
Paper #316
Dirk Helbing, Anders Johansson, Habib Al-Abideen, Salim Al-Bosta Evaluations of Video Data of Crowds Around the Jamarat Bridge and Safety Implications for Mass Events 24
Paper #319
Ciro Cattuto, Andrea Baldassarri, Vito Servedio, Vittorio Loreto Emergent Community Structure in Social Tagging Systems 25
Paper #320
Francisco Santos, Jorge Pacheco, Tom Lenaerts Cooperation prevails when individuals adjust their social ties 26
Paper #329
Michael Baur, Marco Gaertler, Robert Görke, Markus Krug, Dorothea Wagner Generating Graphs with Predefined k-Core Structure 27
Paper #338
Michael König, Stefano Battiston, Mauro Napoletano, Frank Schweitzer Efficiency and Stability of Evolving Innovation Networks 28



Short Papers (20 min):

Paper #23
Florian Prange On Playing Non-equilibrium Games - Modelling the complex dynamics
of games
Paper #41
Robert MacKay Parameter-dependence of Markov processes on large networks 02
Paper #42
Debra Hevenstone Academic Employment Networks: Hiring and Prestige 03
Paper #43
David Hales, Stefano Arteconi Motifs in Evolving Cooperative Networks Look Like Protein
Structure Networks
Paper #52
Michael Sadovsky, Alexander Shchepanovsky, Julia Putintzeva Complexity and Information Capacity of Genomes 05
Paper #63
Reuven Cohen, Mira Gonen, Avishai Wool Bounding the Bias of Tree-Like Sampling in IP Topologies 06
Paper #69
Roberto Serra , Timoteo Carletti , Irene Poli , Marco Villani, Alessandro Filisetti Alessandro Conditions for emergent synchronization in protocells 07
Paper #74
Mahendra Mariadassou, Stephane Robin Uncovering Latent Structure in Valued Graphs: A Variational Approach 08
Paper #91
Sylvie Occelli, Luca Staricco A MAS model as a lever to learn about urban mobility 09
Paper #94
Ferdinando Semboloni Hierarchy, cities size distribution and Zipf's law 10
Paper #95
Piotr Romiszowski, Andrzej Sikorski Computer Simulations of Simple Model of beta-Polypeptides 11
Paper #100
Steffen Schober, Georg Schmidt Connections between random Boolean networks and their annealed model 12
Paper #104
Andrea Marcozzi, David Hales Emergent Social Rationality in a Peer-to-Peer System 13
Paper #116
Gunter Neumann Evolutionary classification of toxin mediated interactions 14
Paper #122
Karol Wawrzyniak, Wojciech Wilicki Retrieving composability for correlated systems: an application
to minority game
Paper #123
Ismo Koponen, Kirsi Riekki Cluster growth poised on the edge of break-up 16
Paper #124
Rui Dilao, Joao Graciano Evaluating deterministic policies in two-player iterated games 17
Paper #128
Benoit Siri, Hugues Berry, Bruno Cessac, Bruno Delord, Mathias Quoy Local learning rules and bifurcations in the global dynamics of
random recurrent neural networks
Paper #132
Armando Bazzani, Sandro Rambaldi, Bruno Giorgini, Luca Giovannini Mobility in modern cities: looking for physical laws 19
Paper #133
Fei Jiang, Hugues Berry, Marc Schoenauer Optimising the topology of complex neural networks 20
Paper #134
Masaru Aoyagi, Akira Namatame Synchronization in Mobile Agents 21
Paper #139
Anamarija Borstnik Bracic, Igor Grabec, Edvard Govekar Statistical modeling of laser welding melt pool 22
Paper #149
Soufian Ben Amor, Huy Tran Dac, Marc Bui, Vu Duong Simulating Dynamic ATM Network Effects Using Cellular Automata 23
Paper #150
Laurent Tournier, Jean-Luc Gouze Hierarchical analysis of piecewise affine models of gene
regulatory networks
Paper #158
Gusz Eiben, Robert Griffioen, Evert Haasdijk Population-based Adaptive Systems: an implementation in NEW TIES 25
Paper #159
Agnes Lubloy, Mark Szenes Network of corporate clients: Customer attrition at commercial banks 26
Paper #164
Roberto Serra, Marco Villani, Alex Graudenzi, Annamaria Colacci, Stuart Alan Kauffman The influence of the topology of regulatory networks on the
distribution of avalanches in gene expression data
Paper #171
Akira Masumi, Tomoyuki Yamamoto, Takashi Hashimoto Basin structure of Milnor attractors in globally coupled map 28
Paper #191
Canan Atilgan, Guven Demirel, Ali Rana Atilgan Landscape dynamics of El Farol attendees 29
Paper #195
Gabriel Istrate Satisfying Assignments of Random Boolean CSP: Clusters and Overlaps 30
Paper #204
Stefan Janson, Madeleine Beekman Honeybees moving home - the effect of swarm size on decision-making 31
Paper #207
Benjamin Inden Benchmarking Memory Evolution in Artificial Neural Networks 32
Paper #215
Andrea Capocci, Francesco Rao, Stefano Leonardi, Guido Caldarelli Taxonomy and Clustering in collaborative systems:the case of the
on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia
Paper #225
Makoto Uchida, Susumu Shirayama Eigenmode of Decision-By-Majority Process on Complex Networks 34
Paper #228
Silvano Cincotti, Marco Raberto, Andrea Teglio Towards an agent-based approach to financial economics:
integrating houseolds' consumption and investment decision making
Paper #230
Marcel Rieser, Kai Nagel Network Break-down "at the edge of chaos" in Multi-Agent Traffic
Paper #234
Alexander Scheidler, Daniel Merkle, Martin Middendorf Stability and Performance of Ant Queue Inspired Task Division
Paper #235
Martin Wolkerstorfer, Heinz Koeppl On the Projection Dynamic for Selfish Routing 38
Paper #236
Marco Laumanns, Rico Zenklusen Monte-Carlo Estimation of s-t Reliability in Acyclic Networks 39
Paper #244
Gergely Palla, Peter Pollner, Illes Farkas, Imre Derenyi, Daniel Abel, Andras Vicsek, Tamas Vicsek Centrality properties of directed module members in social networks 40
Paper #245
Rodolphe Charrier, Christine Bourjot, François Charpillet Flocking as a Synchronization Phenomenon with Logistic Agents 41
Paper #246
Tim Evans, Doug Plato Network Rewiring Models 42
Paper #249
Vasiliki Liagkou, Effie Makri, Paul Spirakis, Yannis Stamatiou The "Digital Territory" as a complex system of interacting
agents, emergent properties and technologies
Paper #250
Anne Kandler, James Steele Innovation diffusion in time and space: social learning and
threshold heterogeneity models
Paper #257
Philippe Blanchard, Andreas Krüger, Tyll Krueger, Peter Martin Corruption as a generalized epidemic process 45
Paper #259
Sylvie Huet, Guillaume Deffuant, Wander Jager Rejection Mechanism in 2D Bounded Confidence Provides More
Paper #260
Markus Müller On the Quantum Complexity of Classical Words 47
Paper #265
Nabil Mabrouk, Guillaume Deffuant, Claude Lobry Individual-based model of bacterial mobility in biofilms 48
Paper #282
Wenlian Lu, Fatihcan M. Atay, Jürgen Jost Chaos synchronization in networks of coupled maps with
time-varying topologies
Paper #286
Sandip Sarkar, Kuntal Ghosh, Kamales Bhaumik Mimicking a Possible Mechanism of Stochastic Resonance in
Low-level Vision
Paper #298
Wenjian Yu, Anders Johansson Modeling Crowd Turbulence by Many-Particle Simulation 51
Paper #299
Nyree Lemmens, Steven de Jong, Karl Tuyls, Ann Nowé BACO: Bee Colony Optimization with Stress Pheromones 52
Paper #310
Boris Gutkin, Juergen Jost, Henry Tuckwell Random perturbations of spiking activity in a pair of coupled
Paper #318
Stefan Lämmer, Reik Donner, Dirk Helbing Anticipative control of switched queueing systems 54
Paper #321
Hugues Bersini, Francisco Santos, Tom Lenaerts Types, instances and high-level constraints in growing networks 55
Paper #330
Dev Rajnarayan, David Wolpert Exploiting Parametric Learning to Improve Black-Box Optimization 56
Paper #331
Ginestra Bianconi, Riccardo Zecchina Viable flux distribution in metabolic networks 57
Paper #334
Rui Carvalho, Giulia Iori Socioeconomic Networks with Long-Range Interactions 58
Paper #337
Stefano Battiston, Domenico Delli Gatti, Mauro Gallegati Emergence of Systemic Risk in Trade Credit Networks 59
Paper #339
Konstantin Klemm, Christoph Flamm, Peter Stadler Funnels in Energy Landscapes 60














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